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Limited offer 3D Bundle with 99 3D Models incl. textures, materials and different export formats

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Which 3d models are

Inside The 3D Model Bundle

+99 3D Models, +1000 Textures & Materials, +7 different file formats


Accessories 3D Models

Set of 24 models of minimalistic and stylish accessories. In this set you will find some glasses, tableware, curtains, plants and more.


Furniture 3D Models

Set of 3d models of minimalistic and stylish living room furniture. In this set you will find some armchairs, sofas, beds, cabinets and tables.


Bathroom 3D Models

Set of minimalistic and stylish bathroom 3d models. In this set you will find some shower, washbasin, wc and more.


Kitchen 3D Models

Set of useful kitchen 3d models. In this set you will find some oven, hob, espresso machine and more.


Lighting 3D Models

Set of lighting 3d models. In this set you will find some pendant lamp, floor lamp, spot light and more.


Outdoor 3D Models

Set of outdoor 3d models. In this set you will find some daybed, lounge chair, chaise lounge and more.

Warren Franken Interior Designer 3D Artist 1

“Danthree has really changed how I work. Its a fantastic service that provides me with the most up to date trendy furniture and interior models.It allows me to complete my projects quicker and provides me with a extremely high quality finish giving my company a overhaul more professional offering.I don’t think I can go back to using substandard models anymore or wasting my time drawing my own models!”

Warren Franken, Founder of Elementree Studio / Cape Town, South Africa / Interior Designer & 3D Artist

Who we are!

Our 3D Artist take care of every detail you will love

Let's talk about the +1000 Textures inside the Bundle

The Textures

1000 Photorealistic textures you will love

All textures are seamless

Tileable textures for your 3D Model

High quality jpeg's

We pay attention to the detail of every texture layer

Different maps available

From diffuse to bump, displacement, specular, normal & ambient occlusion layer, we have everything you need to create awesome materials

Gustavo Coutinho cgi artist 3d

“Good range of models ready to go for fast and easy use. Classy and elegant assets that bring life to 3D scenes.”

Gustavo Coutinho, Minneapolis, USA / Award-winning 3D Artist/Director (CGI) from Target Target

Made with love to
every detail

When we say with love to every detail
we take it very seriously!

Limited 3d Model Bundle

-75% SAFE 300€

99€ Only

+99 3D Models, +1000 Textures & Materials, +7 different file formats, +12Gb of data

Why we dont sell 3D Models with brand names

Designer 3D Models you haven`t worried about, if you can use it for your project

Royalty free license

You dont need worry about, if you can use it or not in your project

For private & commercial use

Go high with your business and great fantastic renderings for your clients


SAFE 300 €

Normal Price: 399€

99€ Only


Choice Award

Ready To Use

Photorealistic Models


Model Quality

Render Inspirations from top CGI Artist

Grab Full Access to Full Bundle Today…

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

Anna Fedyukina Interior designer & CG artist

“Danthree models bundle is easy to use as the models sorted by categories. You will find everything for modern interior render from furniture to small accessories. Models come in six different 3d formats so can be used for all most popular 3d software.”

Anna Fedyukina, Lviv, Ukraine / Interior designer & CG artist


Which license do the models have?

All our 3d models at Danthree have the Royalty Free license. More informations about our license can you find here.

Where can I try some 3d models first?

All free 3d models can be found here.

What means ready to render?

We provide for each 3d model v-ray materials as well . Just import the v-ray material into your 3d model and you’re ready to render.

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